• Steward of the Land and Waterways

  • Create and Protect Jobs in Rural Areas

  • Maximize Healthy, Productive, Accessible Forests

  • Protect and Grow our State Trust Revenue

  • Reduce Catastrophic Occurences, Increase Safety

Steve McLaughlin’s Unique Qualities

I’ve been connected to the land and sea my entire life, and after traveling the world, there is no place I would rather live. I am a lifelong conservationist, mountain climber, and avid outdoorsman.

Our public trust lands and the 1,800 employees and nearly 20,000 private sector jobs the DNR timber harvests produce need experienced, balanced leadership. I want to manage our lands so my grandchildren can have the benefit of experiencing what I have during my life here.

A career in military service will teach you a few things – loyalty, honesty, service, tolerance and tenacity. As a naval officer, I’ve worked with the most diverse group of people there is, and find value in everyone. After retiring, I’ve focused on teaching incident command to first responders, protecting critical infrastructure through coordinated efforts across multi-jurisdictions. I know firsthand how to lead large, diverse organizations and bring the best out in people. I’m uniquely prepared to be your next Commissioner of Public Lands and want to get on with the business of working with the good people at DNR, use science to guide our decisions and work in collaboration with the people who have a stake and dependency on our public trust lands. I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

►  I have faithfully served my country with distinction for 25 years in the United States Navy
►  I have been a defense contractor and a FEMA Incident Management Instructor for the past 10 years
►  I led efforts to permanently preserve the last remaining old-growth forest in Northern Puget Sound, with 1,400 year old trees
►  I drafted the Kosovo Peacekeeping plan for Gen. Wesley Clark
►  I led reconstruction efforts for the Okanogan community that suffered a catastrophic wildfire
►  I have taught thousands of Washington State firefighters, police, and other first-responders
►  I started and led three organizations to serve others:
to help prevent suicide among veterans,
         2) to provide relief to communities hit by natural disasters,
         3) to get citizens engaged to be involved in the governmental process by setting the example



  McLaughlin_Franz Photo
Steve McLaughlin Hilary Franz

Career Naval officer, led complex organization with thousands of employees

Career environmental litigator; at Futurewise,  had a staff of 12

Ability to solve tough conflicts – drafted for General Wesley Clark the Bosnian Peace Plan (the war between the Serbians and Croatians Nothing comparable

Founded three organizations to help people in need – veteran suicide prevention and supplies to people hit by wildfire and other natural disasters

Heads an organization that has sued Washington counties and cities dozens of times

Has overseen both forest lands and aquatic lands for the U.S. Navy (Everett Homeport has 5,000 acres of timber and extensive tidelands.) No land management experience; no aquatic land management experience
Respected authority on incident command.  Has trained 2,000 firefighters and first-responders in incident command. 

No experience, judgement, or background in incident command of any kind. 


Problem solver: raised relief supplies for communities hit by disasters; visited every tribal reservation in Washington to help improve emergency communications; Executive Officer, Naval Homeport Everett Claims to have helped resolve environmental issues (through litigation)
Seeks balance.  Collaborated successfully with labor unions, tribes, veterans groups Litigation Attorney
Helped conserve one of the last stands of old growth in Northern Puget Sound Board member of Conservation Northwest (headed by former Earth First member), Washington Environmental Council, Center for Environmental Law and Policy; one-term Bainbridge Island Council member
Lifelong conservationist and avid climber, hiker, hunter, and fisher. Files law suits
Worked with the Stillaguamish Tribe to restore a salmon stream No record of a positive working relationship with tribes
Wants to INCREASE the Public Trust Fund to better support schools and other Trust Beneficiaries by responsible, balanced management of forests, farms and aquatic lands Is on record saying she will INCREASE B&O AND CAPITAL GAINS TAXES and disconnect the constitutional mandate to provide funds for schools through the Public Trust Fund; hurting schools, and jobs in rural areas and increase the tax burdon for all
Steve’s contributors are mostly from individuals, and many farmers, unions and a wide array of citizens, active duty and veterans.

Hilary is backed by wealthy environmental donors, but especially by a single individual, Peter Goldman. Goldman sues DNR constantly to constrain harvests and challenge forest practice rules. Goldman’s IE spent $170,000 in the Primary and can spend as much as he wants in the General Election.  If Hilary wins, Peter Goldman will call the shots.